Ideas, Ramblings, Insanity, and Clarity

This is another restart of my blog.  I have a hard time getting motivated to write sometimes. The ideas and subjects just don’t seem to coalesce in my brain enough to organize and publish them in a coherent manner.  Recently, I have had a ton of ideas banging around in my skull, so here is another go at trying to get this blog going and sustaining some kind of progress.  I was also motivated by my friend Shea, who just recently restarted her blog.  To facilitate this new start, any subject is on the table and any idea will be shared.  If you are offended, well, post your displeasure in your own blog because I am not going to have my creativity stifled by someone who is probably just a hater.  That being said, I hope you all enjoy my writing and recommend it to your friends and family. 

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