Ten Basic Truths

1.  If you, or a group you belong to, discriminate against another individual or group and people call you out for that discrimination, you don’t get to call their objection to your behavior hate or discrimination.

2.  If you think the Dixie Chicks got what they deserved for what they said about President Bush during “wartime”, you have to want to burn Ted Nugent at the stake.

3.  If you would object to someone telling YOU who you can or can’t marry, you cannot be against marriage equality.

4.  You cannot complain about being taxed excessively if your tax rates are at a 50 year low or if you don’t actually know what your tax rate is.

5.  If you ever say the phrase, “I’m not prejudiced, but…”, you are a racist.  Own it or change your ways.

6.  Gun Control is the reasonable regulation of the sales and ownership of firearms and ammunition to help prevent the adverse effects of the negative uses of those items on our society as a whole.  It is not “Disarming the Innocent”, “UN Troops coming to take your guns so they can take you to the FEMA camps”, or “what Hitler did”.

7.  If you are for the death penalty or if you think we should bomb Iran or if you oppose basic health care for all regardless of the ability to pay for it, you cannot call yourself “pro-life”, no matter how many women you harassed at the Planned Parenthood Clinic.

8.  If you believe that we should never give undocumented immigrants amnesty or that we should never raise taxes, you cannot believe that Ronald Reagan was the best President ever.

9.  If you believe that all Arab people should be suspected of being terrorists, you have to believe that all Catholic people should be suspected of being pedophiles and all middle-aged, white, Christian men should be suspected of being serial killers.

10. Even if you don’t believe in human influenced climate change, you have to believe that making sure that we have clean air, clean water, and a planet with less pollution is a good idea, even if that means that some corporations will make less money.

Bonus:  If you have malice in your heart for anyone (except Justin Bieber), you are probably living your life incorrectly.

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